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Whichever room your child is in, the staff will care for their physical needs and also encourage them to explore and investigate with a range of age-appropriate resources and equipment to develop their learning skills.

Ducklings Room - Learning To Spread Their Wings

Carousel Day Nursery

"Babies and toddlers thoroughly enjoy books and stories. Staff are skilled at identifying books that reflect children's interests and the length of the story to reflect their concentration levels. They confidently explore the environment around them, making choices at an early age as to where to play, who with and what with. The use of the outside area is highly successful in promoting all the seven areas of learning to the same high quality as indoors." OFSTED OCTOBER 2013

Our aim in this room is to follow your baby's individual routine as closely as possible, enabling both you and your baby to gain the trust and confidence needed to achieve a smooth transition from the home environment into nursery. Once settled, your child will be encouraged over time, and working in partnership with parents, to join in the nursery routines.

Our Ducklings Room staff are very experienced in caring for babies and provide a happy and stimulating environment with a range of activities using the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage as a guide for planning play and focussed activities. Our babies also have walks each day in our Triple Buggies and once mobile can enjoy our outside play area.

Hedgehogs Room - Caring, Sharing and Interacting

"Children show a great respect for their peers and staff, supporting each other and offering help. They show delight in each other's company, smiling when others enter the room, older children hugging and calling their friends when they arrive at nursery. Children are very happy, content and at ease in the nursery due to the staff team's cohesive nature and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere." OFSTED OCTOBER 2013

In our Hedgehogs Room at Carousel our toddlers learn to socialise with each other. We encourage them to play together and share toys with their friends. Their language starts to develop at this stage and they learn key words to express themselves to hedgehogs roomtheir adult carers as well as to each other.

Carousel Day Nursery

They love to spend time playing outside in the nursery garden and going for walks in our Kiddi Bus. They also like dancing and play with musical instruments. They have a 'Home Corner' where the children can sit and look through the picture and story books; a role-play area with countless themes to encourage their imagination as well as a mark-making area and small world play.

Together, with both adult-lead and free-play activities, the children are able to make their own choices and lead their own learning.

Rabbits Room - Independent, Social Learners

Carousel Day Nursery

"Posters, books, play people and dolls all provide positive images for children to use in everyday play. Staff have a clear understating of how to support children who are fluent in a range of languages, positively reflecting these languages through the use of key words and dual language books. The use of sign language and pictorial aids also supports children's understanding and communication skills." OFSTED OCTOBER 2013

In our Rabbits Room at Carousel, our children are constantly encountering new experiences which they try to make meaning of. As they do so, they explore and investigate their environment, asking questions to extend their knowledge and skills. They develop confidence and build on what they already know. Well-planned play is central to children's learning and is always challenging and fun.

Our Rabbits enjoy the independent play opportunities that they are offered and they are starting to forge friendships with each other as well as attachment with their adult carers. In our 'zoned' areas the children are encouraged to lead their own learning by moving freely from zone to zone; art & messy play, role-play and home corner are some of the areas to name but a few.

Preschool Squirrels - Happy Children Become Willing Learners

"Children enjoy exploring and investigating all activities. They are provided with a wide range of resources that reflect their interests and stages of development, both indoors and outdoors. Children show their flair for creativity through singing, in preparation for Christmas. They sing with gusto, enthusiastically joining in with actions and gestures that show their understanding of the song." OFSTED October 2013

In Pre-school, we prepare our Squirrels for their transition into primary school; using their own lunch trays and serving themselves from our buffet teaches them to carry out self-care and hygiene routines confidently and carefully. Using numbers and counting is incorporated into their daily routines and they will begin to recognise letters and use letter sounds just as they will encounter once they reach big school.

Our Pre-school room is zoned to support the seven areas of childrens development,
adhering to the Early years Foundation Stage guidance; we have a writing & mark-making table, mathematics table, art & messy table, a construction carpet, role-play area and a nice cosy den and book corner. We also have a computer and access to an outdoor classroom, suitable for all weathers.
squirrels room

Carousel Day Nursery

The seven areas of learning for the Early Years Foundation Stage are:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Communication & Language

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design


"Through play, children demonstrate an emerging understanding of making healthy choices for themselves. Children thoroughly enjoy the outside space, immersing themselves in physical activities that support their understanding of space and movement. Younger children experience fresh air daily by using the outdoor area and going for regular walks to parks." OFSTED OCTOBER 2013

Our Outdoor Area provides an ideal space for our children to enjoy all aspects of outdoor play throughout the whole year, whatever the weather.

The Wetpour surface ensures safety and cushioning whilst our little charges explore our climbing tower and play on the larger toys. We have a canopy with pull-down sides providing weather-proofing for an all year round outdoor space.

Carousel Day Nursery

Under our canopied area we have set up an outdoor classroom to include role play and art and craft activities and well as a book case and play tents. Access is direct from the our pre-school to this area and the children enjoy the freedom of being able to roam from inside to outside during core provision time.

Children gain enormous confidence through their outdoor play and at Carousel we want our children's health and well-being to be enhanced by their experiences outside. Understanding growing cycles is promoted with tubs and pots provided, as well as a mini greenhouse, for the children to plant a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers that they will nurture and eventually see on their tea plates.

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